Theatre joined curriculum alignment in fall 2018. The UCF Theatre program has agreements with several of the local state colleges to accept course equivalencies beyond those in the statewide common numbering system.


The theatre courses being discussed for alignment:

  • THE X304 / THE 2305 Script Analysis
  • THE 1035 / TPP X110 / TPP 2100 Acting I
  • THE 1036 / TPP X111 / TPP 2170 Acting II
  • TPA 2000 Design
  • TPP 2300 / TPP 2301 / TPP3310 Directing I
  • Additional courses are currently under consideration and include: History of Theatre, Technical Theatre, Stagecraft, Speech and Voice I, Speech and Voice II, Musical Theatre

Note: The “X” in the course number indicates that the lower-division course is taught as either a 1000- or 2000-level. The course title will vary by institution.

News and Announcements

To the faculty and advisors engaged in Curriculum Alignment, resources to support discussions are found on the MS Teams site. This includes meeting agendas and minutes, syllabi, and other course resources.

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