Engineering and image of gears

Engineering joined the curriculum alignment initiative in February 2013, holding their first meeting in May 2013. Many UCF engineering programs have an articulation agreement with state college partners that outline how lower-level courses articulate to UCF and count in the UCF degree requirements. This results in equivalent courses beyond those in the statewide common numbering system.


The engineering courses being discussed for alignment:

  • EGN 1007 Engineering Concepts and Methods
  • EGN 2312 / EGN 3310 / EGN 3311 Statics
  • EGN 2322 / EGN 3311 Dynamics
  • EGN 2440 / STA 3032 Probability and Statistics for Engineers
  • EGS 1006 Introduction to the Engineering Profession
  • EGS 2004 / EEL 3004 Electrical Networks
  • EGS 2373 / EGN 3373 Principles of Electrical Engineering
  • EGS 2610 / EGN 3613 Engineering Economics

Note: The course title will vary by institution.

News and Announcements

To the faculty and advisors engaged in Curriculum Alignment, resources to support discussions are found on the MS Teams site. This includes meeting agendas and minutes, syllabi, and other course resources.